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We are aware of the role of festivals, not only as cultural and economic catalysts, but also as social catalysts, which can take advantage of their capacity for communication and influence to inform and provoke reflection on different social issues. Therefore, under the title “Formigues Solidàries” we collaborate from the beginning with differents NGOs and non-profit associations.

In the 2018 edition we have the presence of:

Asociación Conta el Cáncer de BenicàssimAsociación NUPA


We are aware of the environmental impact that we generate as a macro-event, for this reason we develop specific action programs in order to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

The Interpretatia Cultural Association prepared in 2015 a Manual of good environmental practices and sustainability for Formigues that we put into practice in the production of each edition.

We collaborate with Ecoembes in the eco-festival project to ensure that we make a correct selective collection of waste.
We use reusable cups to reduce plastic consumption and keep the enclosure clean.

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