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Formigues Festival was born from the illusion of a generation of parents who have grown hand in hand with their musical culture lived year after year by the Benicàssim festival’s.

From our adolescence to our maturity, our eyes have been able to see great music in the stages of our lives. We want to transmit this feeling and experience that music has offered and offers us and for this we have created The Cultural Association Formigues of Benicàssim, in order to offer musical events for the whole family, thinking about the kids.

And what better way to start this adventure than to organize the First Music Festival dedicated to our children. The parents and relatives want to enjoy with our children, share moments of joy and fun and Formigues Festival wants to have a lot to do with it!

As we all know, music is very important for the development of children, so from our homes we teach them “all” kinds of styles, from jazz, pop, rock, reggae, flamenco, funky, etc. without limiting your criteria or life experience. That is why Formigues opens the curtain before his SMALL looks to make them feel the music.

Why Formigues? The ant was converted through the artist Alfonso Trillo-Figueroa, better known as Capi, as a symbol of the culture and people of Benicàssim. Capi ants are in our homes, in our parks, on our beaches.


Music programming: we look for soulmates and current formations that connect with both audiences (adult and children); We encourage music and give children the opportunity to play on the Formigues stage.

Multidisciplinary festival: besides music, we like to cover different genres and satisfy other concerns: theater, circus, sport, dance, ecology, road safety, plastic arts, literature, radio …

Affordable: We want everyone to come, that’s why we fix very affordable prices and discounts at hotels and campsites. In addition, people with functional diversity have free access, as do the children of families with the ID card of the Formigues de Benicàssim Association.

In terms of production, we measure up to them and think like children. That’s why we have:

  • Low stage.
  • Reduced repertoires (30-40 min).
  • Low sound in decibels.
  • Safe / closed enclosure.
  • Identification bracelets
  • Inside surveillance.
  • Zone of Formigues lost.


We promote the greatest enjoyment: it is a festival designed so that the children can play at their ease with full freedom and at the same time be a party where parents enjoy them.


We intend to be a sustainable festival where children learn ecological values ??and are aware of the importance of caring for and respecting the environment through:

  • Good practices in production and postproduction (through a report prepared by the association Interpretatia).
  • Awareness workshops: collaborating with environmental organizations such as Seo Birdlife.

Formigues is a festival full of creativity and open to anyone who wants to show their idea or project, offering visibility during the days of the festival and through graphic and communication supports.

And the most important thing that makes us unique: Formigues is not a children’s area within a festival. We are a 100% family festival, enjoyed by children and adults!

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